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Stephanie Morse

About Me

I've been doing art 🎨 since I was very little. Artistry runs in my family, and the mediums/techniques I've used in the past up to this day are mostly Watercolor, but I've also done and worked with Pastels, Ceramics, Acrylics, and Pencil ✏. I hope to continue with Watercolor as I continue to practice this form of art that will lead me towards my success career wise as a promising new budding artist.

About My Work

 Scroll down to see my work

Pond with Yellow Water Lilies
Cactus Against the Fence
Majestic Gazebo at Marin Art and Garden Center
Side of the Majestic Gazebo No. 2 at Marin Art and Garden Center
Field of Red Flowers
Field of Red Flowers
Cactus up Close with Tuna Fruits
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