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Oscar Morales

About Me

Born In Mexico City September 11 1986. My passion for art started as a child, I enjoy accompanying my mom to the downtown of the city because there were so many street artist selling their work and doing live painting. I was fascinate to appreciated the artwork of the artisans. My goal as an artist is to be able to touch peoples feelings and make emotional connection through my artistic work , to have my work display in museums and leave my mark in the art history.

About My Work

My work is base in my traditions, ,my cultures and many different places that I have visit. I work with different mediums such as; oils, acrylics, charcoal, pastels, etc. I have also work in many different murals.

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Vendedora de Alcatraces (portrait of my grandmother)
El Salto de Fe (The Leap of Faith)
Reencuentro (The Reunion)
El sendero ( Point Reyes)
El sendero ( Point Reyes)
Point Bonita Lighthouse
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