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James M. Shubin

About Me

I’ve been surrounded by art since my childhood in southern California, where my father was a well-known watercolor artist and my mother was involved with fashion and textiles. Friends and relatives were sculptors, woodworkers, painters, and printmakers.

About My Work

I’ve worked in watercolor, pen-and-ink, acrylics, photography, serigraphy, and now in mixed media. In the last few years I’ve incorporated sticks, bones, egg shells, and other organic materials into my work, as well as textural objects like fans, kimono, and baby shirts. Just as my pieces are an expression of my own experiences and memory, I hope viewers will be moved to recall an experience, evoke a forgotten memory or simply enjoy the textures and colors before them.

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Baby and Mother
Howling Woman
Kimono Bound
No Baby
Red Fan #3
Red Fan #3
Temple Door
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