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Elias Botvinick

About Me

I have always loved to draw and paint, trying to reproduce the beauty before me. I use a variety of media, generally acrylics, sometimes pencils, or chalk, I have a wide interest and love drawing landscapes, still-lifes, cityscapes, animals, planetary subjects and action portraits. I try to capture detail in my work. As a young boy I took the time to draw. it transported me. During my professional career I could rarely focus on it as there was always something drawing me away! Now I am more focused and generally have one or two pieces in progress.

About My Work

My work seeks to capture the beauty in the world around me. I often see the beauty in objects others would over-look. I generally do my final version in vivid color, using light and shadow to bring realism to most subjects. Alternatively, I sometimes enjoy adding a whimsical take to even the most serious subject. I paint for my own enjoyment but take great pride - and joy - in the compliments of others. When people who know me professionally, see my work, they often state "You did that"? as they cannot seem to fathom that I am capable of the effort given that I am primarily known to them as a physician. When people ask me "what kind of artist are you?", i reply that I am "A you did that(?) artist".

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Costco $500
Chocolate Heals
Golden Gate Bridge from Ft. Point
Golden Gate Bridge from Ft. Point
Carroll's Milky Way
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