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Dan Thomas

About Me

Dan Thomas has lived in the bay area since the 1960's. After receiving a BA in fine arts from San Jose State he continued graduate studies at San Francisco State. At that time his art was represented by the Vorpal Gallery and shown at various venues including a solo shows at Illumination Gallery in San Francisco and Marin County Civic Center. Upon moving to Marin county he worked as a city and county planner and a designer of custom houses. Upon getting his architectural license he continued to design custom houses in Marin county. He also built houses he designed. After retiring from architecture he became a full time painter – watercolor and acrylic medium. His work has been exhibited throughout Marin and Napa counties including the O'Hanlon Center, College of Marin, California Watercolor Association, Marin County Fair, Napa Town Fair, as well as Marin Society of Artists. He has won various awards. He had a solo exhibit at the Fairfax Library and San Anselmo Town Books. He liv

About My Work

Acrylic / Watercolor. The inspiration for my landscape paintings of Marin is the unique environment of open space, coastal, and watershed. There is the change of light with the changing seasons and the mood of the environment that create the unique opportunity for the artist. I also explore subjects such as Hubble images of nebula and galaxies and abstract images focusing on color, shape, form and line.

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Chimney Rock
Point Reyes Estero
Looking Thru
Path To Lake Bon Tempe
Syrian Village via (Golconda)
Syrian Village via (Golconda)
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