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Catherine Babcock

About Me

I’m fortunate to have had a childhood laced with Art: a mother and brother who were painters, a home where simple crayon drawings were appreciated, free Saturday afternoon drawing classes at the Carnegie Museum, and daily paths through the museum to escape Pittsburgh winters as I walked home from school . Admittedly, I’m visual by nature. Thus, I majored in Art in college, benefitted from many perspicacious teachers as an adult, and relished “avocation” time in my studio. I find images and nature absolutely magical!! Particularly in stressful times, viewing and painting paintings is my balm.

About My Work

Using oils to paint floral and landscapes in Plein Air is an extraordinary experience and I hope my joy is transmitted in my work.

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Summer on the Lake 18x24
Audubon/Lyford House 18x24
Cavallo Point 16x20
Cavallo Point #2 16x20
Silverado Trail 18x24
Silverado Trail 18x24
Flowers on a Sill. 18x24
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