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Carol Ponzio

About Me

In my artwork I try to capture the flow or movement of things in nature, my source of inspiration. I like to experiment with different paints and techniques often combining different materials and using unusual things as painting tools. Much of my work is an abstraction of a landscape, object or movement. I do a form of printing called collagraphy. At the moment I’m working on creating more depth and feel I have much to learn to bring this about. I love it when a piece of art changes each time you look at it. Finding hidden things keeps a piece of art alive.

About My Work

I studied art with my father, Charles Berry; at College of Marin: and San Jose State University. After teaching for 40 years I returned to studying art techniques and renewing my fascination with printmaking and papermaking.sculpture, pastels, watercolor

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Dream Scape
Tribute to My Father
Tribute to My Father
Treasure Hunt
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