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Byron Tripp

About Me

Art is part of me! I was born in an artistic influence family, my father is a poem whiter. My mother is a pianist and life time award piano teacher of American National Guild. Poetics mind set and musical sensitivity carved on me. artistic sensation not only directly enhance my art work creation and composition. also build up my poetic feeling into my art work. I start doing sketch and water color and ink on rice paper painting about 6 years old. got a couple of time competition price during high school. did more water color work such as architectural rendering when I was in college and in architect major. I established custom home design build company when I out of school, design and build become the other place I can express my self, for pure art work I also spend most of my after work time keep doing it for years never stop. recently years most of my work in oil painting, which I found more tool for my creation.

About My Work

I wish all my work not only draw some object in right color or composition, I don't want to limit my tool and formation. keep break through my self limitation is most fun part for me on art work. and I do feel I want to use my art to express my on philosophy, sensation, wisdom, etc. most of time when a better work start, my human brain kind of blank but my hand being used and traveled in other dimension of the space. feel I am downloading something from outer space

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swan lake in memory of my mom Bernice Tripp
piano solo
piano solo
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