Lisa Freeman-Wood

About Me

I am a retired teacher. I paint watercolors and have had a part time jewelary business making unique one of a kind jewelry pieces for 17 years. I love flowers, stones, the beauty of nature. I paint flowers mostly.

About My Work

I love the beauty of flowers, the graceful lines of flowers, their shapes, and colors, the way they grow in space. They have a presence. There is beauty and function in a flower, they play a vital role in the continuity of nature. I try to honor their ephemeral nature by painting them as close to real as possible. I paint from photos I take of flowers. I focus on beauty and the fleeting nature of flowers because I live surrounded by devastation and destruction of the Camp Fire, Paradise, CA, Nov. 8, 2018. Painting has helped maintain my sanity.

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Katie's Roses
Rhododendron in the Sun
Focused on Orchids
Rose Series #2
Rose Series #5
Rose Series #5
Rose Series #11