Hollynn Wilcox

About Me

The daughter of a graphic designer and an elementary school art teacher, Hollynn was raised to believe that art is an essential part of being human. An avid artist since she was young, Hollynn is primarily self-taught and loves the creative freedom of abstract art. In her work, Hollynn is guided by intuition and loves using bright contrasting colors to create a sense of depth and aliveness. Her art attempts to embody empathy and freedom. Rather than sticking to rigid expectations of being "good" or "right," Hollynn believes art should be about finding a way to be true to ourselves and our emotions, now matter what they look like.

About My Work

Her current pieces involve many layers of acrylic paint on canvas. She alternates between opaque and translucent layers to create overlapping shapes and dimension.

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Morning Walk Through the Forest
Rainfall in May
A Day at the Beach in Summer
After the Storm
Mist Over the Lake
Mist Over the Lake
Warm and Windy Afternoon