Elizabeth Pike

About Me

I grew up in San Francisco, went to elementary and high school in the Bay Area and attended the University of California, Berkeley for college. While I majored in English Literature, I also took a range of drawing and painting classes there, though I can’t claim much proficiency in either medium. I worked professionally in media and communications (and currently run a program called New Media Mentors.) In addition to the world of words and information, I’ve always loved making things. In recent years, I’ve been mostly focused on fiber arts, with a stint in jewelry making a while ago. For the past ten years or so, I’ve learned from many talented artists – in basketry, knotted netting, collage, Joomchi, Sashiko, fiber sculpture and more. I’ve also had some wonderful mentors along the way. Some of the best advice I’ve gotten is to know that failure is part of the process and that the work will evolve over time. So true.

About My Work

I love textiles, threads, fabric, paper and fibers. Using a variety of materials including muslin, linen, embroidery thread, rope, hemp and other soft materials, I like to weave, sew, paint and stitch pieces that reflect some aspect of the world around us. The sculptural baskets often include asymmetry, open space, whimsy, bumpiness, curves and humor. I’m intrigued by when and where baskets become sculpture and vice versa. The vessels are made with a variety of materials including waxed linen, leather, paint, cedar, paper and wire. I tend to use natural looking and feeling materials.

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Svelt. 2019
She Rock. 2019
Roots, 2020
Periphery. 2021
Ancestors, 2018
Ancestors, 2018
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